Pro Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald and CelBank PRO™

Just as you plan for your retirement, finances and estate, you can plan for your future health needs. In addition to illnesses that may run in your family, the injuries you suffer during your professional sports career may be treatable with regenerative medicine, the current frontier in medical treatment development.

Whether still competing or enjoying retirement now is the time to bank your stem cells for future medical treatments. NFL player, Larry Fitzgerald, believes strongly in maintaining health. This is why Larry stored his stem cells using CelBank PRO™ – stem cell storage for elite athletes.

Experts predict future stem cell therapies will treat injury and diseases of many types. Your own stem cells are preferred and the best time to store your stem cells is while they are the youngest and healthiest.

Larry Fitzgerald with CelBank Pro's Vin Singh

Larry with CelBank PRO™ Founder Vin Singh

“ I do everything I can to maintain my health and well being. CelBank PRO™ could give me the advantage I need to stay healthy for years to come.”
-Larry Fitzgerald

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